UPVC Locks And Mechanisms

UPVC is a plastic that is typically much more sturdy than other plastics, and for this reason, it is often used for locks and locking mechanisms in many residential and commercial spaces. It is also used in pipework and to make window frames among other uses.

Bull Locks LTD offers you the best quality multipoint locks, as well as supporting lock mechanisms and cylinders. Our trusted and licensed team of technicians can install, remove and repair uPVC locks and mechanisms with precision and ease while delivering the best customer service in all of Southampton and surrounding areas.

So, if you think your locks are malfunctioning and require assistance, you should give us a call to set up an appointment. If you want emergency assistance, you can call us on our emergency line, and our employees will come to inspect and provide the necessary services.

How To Know Your UPVC Locks Need Expert Assistance

UPVC locks and mechanisms come in a variety of designs, but perhaps the most common system used for most locks is the multi-point locking mechanism. You might have come across such locks in various places in your home, even on wooden doors.

Most types of multi-point locking mechanisms work in the same way. They normally have a handle that must be lifted to activate the lock, and also come with rollers, hooks and bolts, or alternatively with various combinations of these two.

There are numerous ways that you can tell you that your uPVC lock and supporting mechanism needs to be changed or repaired. These include loose or wobbling handles, the lock jamming or making clicking sounds, and even becoming challenging to close properly.

Our Services

Should these issues, among others emerge, your best bet is to give Bull Locks LTD a call and get in touch with our experts. Usually, the problem can be resolved easily by adjusting the frame’s alignment, but it is not uncommon that some internal component is damaged and therefore requires repair or removal that can only be done by an experienced individual.

We perform repairs, removals and fresh installations of uPVC locks and mechanisms, as well as provide multiple lock options for extra security and privacy. For example, should you wish to get an anti-snap or anti-drill version lock instead of the cylinder, Bull Locks LTD will give you multiple brands and types to choose from.

Furthermore, if your sliding patio door needs to be properly locked, we can also install push locks that keep the door from being lifted off the runner. This will ensure no one can come and go from your home while keeping the door intact or do so silently.

Our uPVC locks and mechanism services also include various kinds of door handles, sash jammers and other such mechanisms that can be operated from the inside of your properties for added security. In an emergency situation, i.e. burglary, you can call us to opt for emergency locksmith services, and we will provide you with the care and services you need.

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