Gaining Access to Safes

Safes are a common facet of every modern residential area as well as of commercial spaces such as banks, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, etc. But these aren’t necessarily new items. Safes have been used for centuries now, primarily to store anything of value such as documents, money, jewellery, and other compact valuables.

Safes continue to be valuable items to have, for both homeowners and small business owners, as it can afford significant security and privacy. If you live or operate from a neighbourhood that may not necessarily be safe at night, you might want to secure any weapon you may carry within a safe to protect yourself and those around you.

At Bull Locks LTD, we offer some of the best services in terms of safe openings and repairs across all of Southampton, England. We are licensed practitioners, certified with the United Kingdom Locksmith Association (UKLA), and therefore are high-quality service providers through and through.

When dealing with safes, our employees are trained by the best possible experts available on how to avoid doing any damage to the safe itself whenever it needs to be opened. We utilize quite a few methods before opting for more invasive procedures, all of which we train our workers.

1.   Manipulating Combinations

If you have ever seen someone move around the dial on a safe with a stethoscope to listen closely, then you know exactly what this technique is. Firstly, this is a real way of opening a locked safe, for which the code might have been lost or forgotten.

Our technicians use an AMP that is then connected to earphones for clearer sound, which mostly proves successful as it allows them to hear the movement of the framework behind the closed door. While this technique might not work for every lock and can be time-consuming, many still opt for it as it does no damage to the safe or its contents in any way.

2.   Scoping Method

When the combination manipulation fails, we use the scoping method. This is essentially the process of drilling a small hole in the safe beside the lock, through which a small camera is inserted to see the mechanical framework of the lock. This allows us to unlock the safe easily, and the hole is later filled with a compound that ensures no more drilling in the same spot.

3.   Electrical Current

Finally, for digital locks, we employ the use of electrical current, which is passed through the lock’s motherboard. Usually, this does the trick, but there are other ways that a digital lock can be opened. These ways are always situation appropriate, and our technicians inspect the lock themselves to determine the best one for each lock.

If you are in search of comprehensive and reliable locksmith services in Southampton and greater areas of England, Bull Locks LTD is the company you should contact. Shoot us an email or a text to set up an appointment, and our customer care representatives will assist you shortly.

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