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Tenant evictions are not always amicable. Sometimes, the association ends on a bitter note wherein the landlord has to force the tenants out.

The rental business can get tricky at times. No one likes to look for new tenants ever so often, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Tenant eviction becomes mandatory. Some situations wherein you have no other option but to resort to tenant eviction include


  • Failure of the tenants to pay rent despite several notices
  • Violation of the rental agreement
  • Damage to property


Tenant eviction is legal in the scenarios mentioned above, provided that you give them a notice period of at least 30 days.

When Eviction Services Become A Requirement

Sometimes, the tenant is in no mood to cooperate. If they have vacated your property unwillingly, they can look for ways to trouble you.

Indeed, it is not unheard of for tenants to vacate a property without turning the keys in. This undoubtedly puts you in a difficult position. You are then forced to hire an eviction locksmith who would enable you to enter your own property.

If you had particularly troublesome tenants, you wouldn’t want them to have continued access to your property. You never know what damages they can cause. Security would severely be at risk.

Therefore, in these situations, it becomes imperative to bring an eviction locksmith expert on board. After all, you have to safeguard your interests.

Rekey Or Change Locks After Tenant Eviction?

Once the tenants have moved out, you have to decide whether the locks should be changed altogether or rekeying would suffice.

The thing is, you would have to opt for either of the two services, regardless of how your former tenants were. Things might not have ended badly. But you don’t know how many people had access to their keys and if they have handed all of them over to you.

If you are going to rent the place to new people, you are responsible for their safety as well. Therefore, rekeying is crucial and cannot be avoided.

But rekeying is not always enough. Sometimes, the experience with the tenants is so bitter that you have to take the utmost measures to ensure security. Upgrading your lock in such situations is advisable.

Get Professional Eviction Services In No Time

Whatever the reason is, after a tenant eviction, you will undoubtedly need the services of a reliable locksmith.

The locksmith will be able to break open the door without excessive damage if the tenant does not hand over the keys post-eviction. He can change the locks or rekey as per the requirement.

Therefore, if you plan to evict your tenants, knowing about a good eviction locksmith can save you from unnecessary headache. Bull Locks LTD is a place that is always available at your service.

We are accessible throughout the week at any time of the day. Hence, whether your tenant has locked you out or you feel your security is at risk, you can give us a call without any inhibitions. We will be at your doorstep in no time.

Don’t worry about the after-effects of tenant eviction on your locks now. We are here to handle it all!

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