New Lock Installations

If you decide to move into a new place, it is always recommended that you change your locks. This is because keys tend to be exchanged between people fairly easily, and so to ensure security and privacy of your new space, having new locks installed is one of the first steps you should take.

We at Bull Locks LTD take this a step further and have found that changing locks at regular intervals can be an important security measure for your properties. It ultimately affords you more control and surveillance over who enters your private spaces.

As expert locksmiths in all of Southampton, England and beyond, Bull Locks offers its clients a wide variety in lock types, coupled with different types of installation services. Not only are we adept at installing new locks and supporting systems, but we also perform regular repairs and removals whenever needed.

Types Of Locks

Broadly speaking, we offer four different categories within which you will find multiple types of locks to suit your specific needs. These categories are residential locks, commercial locks and finally, access control hardware. The following are the different types of locks that Bull Locks LTD installs for its clients.

Residential locks typically include deadbolts, mortice and single-cylinder locks, although homes, apartments and other residential spaces do come with high-security locks as well. These may include locks that open via mobile phones, numerical keypads, or even fingerprints.

In addition to the various locks used in residential spaces, we also have options for commercial facilities. These include high-tech security locks (electrical, magnetic, strike locks, etc.), restricted and master key systems, and door closers, among others.

Lastly, we also install and set up access control hardware systems. These are on the more complex side of security measures, as they have various components that must be assembled properly. However, they afford perhaps some of the greatest security and privacy.

Rest assured, that all our contractors and technicians are well-versed in the installation of such systems owing to their extensive experience in the field.

Our Services

Bull Locks LTD offers the best installation, repair and removal services when it comes to locks in all of Southampton. We not only bring expert guidance and assistance to the field but also bring the experience to deal with a multitude of areas and spaces to install the locks in, such as main door, garage, back doors, glass windows and others.

If you haven’t changed out your locks in a really long time i.e. a few years, we recommend that you give us a quick phone call to find out the best type of lock(s) for your property. Our experts will help you choose locks by explaining the pros and cons of each, while also giving their recommendations.

Should your locks need only a simple repair, we will send our team of technicians and contractors over to your property to do an inspection and then perform a repair. With our repair services, we try our utmost to avoid installing new components, but that may be necessary if the lock isn’t repairable.

To contact us, email us or send in a text and our customer care representatives will get back to you soon.

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