Lock Repairs And Replacements

There are many instances in which your locks may need to be repaired or replaced altogether. Like other components of a property, locks too experience wear and tear, and the damage sustained can cause the locks to malfunction completely if the right assistance is not provided.

We at Bull Locks LTD are extremely comfortable working with an expansive variety of locks for both commercial and residential properties. Our experience and familiarity with multiple mechanisms have garnered us a loyal customer base that refers us to new people, which became the reason for our success and growth.

With our repair and replacement services at your disposal, there is no lock-related complication that you cannot overcome. Here are a few signs that you should look out for to know when its time to call in the experts – Bull Locks!

1.   Cylinder Turning

When trying to unlock your main door, if the cylinder of the lock itself begins to turn, then it is time to call a locksmith. This cylinder is normally held in place using screws and bolts set up inside the lock, so when it begins to turn, the screws and bolts inside must have gotten loose or broken off.

In this case, our locksmiths will bring the necessary tools to tighten the screws inside and replace the broken ones, so that the cylinder goes back to being held in place. We suggest that you do not try to do this yourself, as you may risk damaging a lock that is not in fact damaged. Call us professionals and let us handle this for you.

2.   Jammed Deadbolt

The easiest way to identify a problem with your deadbolt lock is to assess whether it is not working in the same manner in which it typically does. This could be because of misalignment of the internal components of your deadlock, which may result in your deadbolt not fitting into the strike plate.

This is yet another situation in which you need to call in our experts, who will visit your premises with the required equipment to investigate, isolate and then fix the issue. To repair the alignment the lock may need to be adjusted, for which it shall be removed and set up again.

Usually, this does the trick, but in some cases, the technicians might decide to file a portion of the lock away so that it sits at the strike plate properly.

3.   Resistance In Or Slow Opening Of Locks

You may not know this, but locks are not immune to damage sustained by the weather, or from daily use. Sometimes locks are harder to open or close because they are far too cold, have dirt trapped in them, or some internal components need tweaking or replacements.

In all these circumstances, experts of Bull Locks LTD will bring the best solution to your doorstep. Our workers will make sure that your locks are cleaned thoroughly, and that its internal mechanism is corrected or smaller parts are replaced to make it properly functional again.


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